Selling News Stories and Features to Newspapers and Magazines

The UK now has a huge number of womens' magazines - and all of them are constantly looking for real life stories.

East Anglia News Service regularly supplies stories to this ever-growing market. We want to hear your incredible stories of tragedy or happiness and inspiring tales about triumph over adversity.

Maybe you have a story about a medical miracle, an amazing diet or a tale about a cheating love rat. Whatever it is - get in touch with us straight away and find out how you could earn money from your story.

With our experience of the media, we will be able to negotiate you the highest possible rates.

The best thing is that it will not cost you a penny. We get paid separately by the magazines for writing the story so it does not affect your fee.

It couldn't be simpler. Give us a brief outline of your story and we will find a newspaper/magazine to publish it. We will then get you a proper contract guaranteeing you payment after it is published.

Usually you will then be interviewed by a reporter, either over the telephone or face-to-face. You might also have to agree to be photographed.

We guarantee to deal with your story in a sympathetic and sensitive way so it is told the way you want. We will even read the story back to you to make sure you are happy with it.

Our customers in the womens' magazine market include Take-a-Break, That's Life, Bella, Best, Woman, Woman's Own, Closer and Chat.

If you have a story, please email us details through the form below or call our 24 hour story hotline on 01473 221921. Please be sure to include your email address and/or phone number.


You can contact us using the form below;

24 hour story hotline ~ 01473 221921

24 hour story hotline
01473 221921